Major Inc. Strategically Supplies Valves & Automation Components and Services for the Energy Industries

Energy Industries Served

Major Inc. has served the energy industry for over four decades. With four distinct avenues to market, we provide flow control products and services across the energy industry. As an integrator, a domestic and international project supplier, a local service shop and a maintainer of Vendor Manager Inventory, we understand the need for quality product, on-time delivery and accurate documentation.

  • Gas Turbine, Steam Turbine and HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generators)
  • Combined Cycle Power Plants, Balance of Plant, Spare Parts and Outages
  • Refineries, Balance of Plant, Spare Parts and Turnarounds
  • Oil & Gas Delivery, Utilities and Site Support
  • New Product Installation, Start-up and Repair
  • OEMs, EP&Cs, Fabricators and Skid Builders

Having worked with and supplied many different energy market valve products to a wide variety of customers, we fully understand the importance of protecting intellectual property rights and have many executed legal agreements in place with both OEMs and manufacturers. We give the customer the ability to consolidate shipments from multiple manufacturers/vendors while providing a single receiving point for material inspections, documentation reviews and staging for delivery to a fabricator or jobsite. This enables us to identify and eliminate costly errors and delays before they reach the end user. As an integrator, we have mastered the art of being in the middle, without being in the way.