We Strategically Supply Total PVF Flow Solutions to the Power Generation Industry

Power Generation

When it comes to generating power, Major Inc. sources and distributes PVF products that meet energy sector needs.

Through our parent company, Sunbelt Supply Co., we provide pipe fittings and flanges. We offer not only commodity grades of material in carbon and stainless materials but also high-temp materials such as H grade stainless, many different specialty alloys and various chrome grades such as P-91 piping for your steam piping applications.

On the valve and valve automation side of the business, we carry various grades of stainless and chrome valves for high-temperature and high-pressure applications. We stock F-91 forged steel valves and C-12A cast steel valves in both bolted bonnet and pressure seal designs to go with your P-91 piping. We also have the capability to automate your multi-turn gate and globe valves, quarter turn metal-seated ball valves or triple offset butterfly valves for high-temperature steam applications.